January 9, 2013

BBQ deer chops in a slow cooker

Some of you out there have deer meat in your freezer....and you may be wondering what to make with it. Well, I have a fantastic recipe for you! We like deer meat once in a while at our house...well, all of us but one...my youngest son. 

He says to me "Mom, I will eat a cow, but I will not eat a deer."  

And to that, I say "okay."

So...we have a friend that hunts and he was kind enough to share his game! We were gifted  3 packages each of: 
chops, steaks and ground meat. 

Scouring the internet I found so many delicious looking recipes...it was hard to choose. I decided on a BBQ sauce, slow cooker recipe, and oh my am I glad I did!!! 
It turned out DEE-LISH-US!!!!    !

We totally scarfed it down! My hubby absolutely loved it. We ate it served on a bed of steam white rice. Mashed potatoes would go beautiful with this dish as well.
I cooked these chops in this homemade BBQ sauce for about 6 hours on high. You need a good 6 hours to get to the point where the meat is very, very tender! Trust me, it's worth the wait.
Recipe: BBQ deer chops in a slow cooker

2 lbs. deer chops
1 cup ketchup
2 cups water
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 packet onion soup mix
1 tsp onion powder
few shakes Worcestershire sauce

Brown deer chops in skillet in a bit of vegetable oil. Mix remaining ingredients in crock pot. Add the deer chops. Cook on high 5 to 6 hours. If you are not going to be home all day, you can cook on low for 7 or 8 hours. Serve over hot steamed white rice or mashed potatoes. 



  1. I have plenty of deer and moose in the freezer. We try to eat some once a week (great for the grocery bill). I will try this tomorrow. Thanks.

  2. Oh yum!! I haven't had deer chops in forever! This was my favorite way to make them. These look wonderful!

  3. How can you eat those beautiful creatures?

    1. I hope you're vegan asking that?

    2. With a Knife and fork and a little BBQ THAT'S HOW!!!!!

  4. How can you eat cows or pigs or birds, if you can't eat deer?

  5. We loved them! Pulled the meat apart like pulled pork and served on a bun.

  6. Deer may be "beautiful creatures," but they are also very overpopulated. I'd much rather see them end up dead on my dinner plate than dead on the side of the highway.