May 3, 2010

Buttermilk Pie

I had never heard of buttermilk pie until I got a request from my friend Ruth, to make it and feature it on my blog. I am not one to deny a friend's request, and I was very intrigued none the less. Ok...buttermilk pie...time for a little research! I found many buttermilk pie recipes on the internet, all of them fairly similar.Each recipe called for a few eggs, 1 to 2 cups of sugar, 3 Tbsp. flour, and of course BUTTERMILK! So really, it was a matter of closing my eyes, picking one, and praying it would be a good one! The recipe I chose was posted by a man who saw it featured on a cooking show. Even better, it was an Amish recipe! can you go wrong with an Amish recipe! He raved about the pie, claiming he had made many buttermilk pies, but this one was THE best. Well, needless to say, he had me, hook, line and sinker! One great thing I had going for me, I had JUST purchased 2 pints of buttermilk from Brunton's Dairy!! I was actually going to use the buttermilk to marinate chicken overnight. Well, the recipe for buttermilk pie only calls for 1 cup, so I would still have plenty left to make my chicken. (Let's see if I ever get around to it.) The recipe was very simplistic, and I like that! Sometimes the most simple recipes are the BEST recipes, letting the true essence of the star ingredient shine through! Without further hesitation, I present to you....BUTTERMILK PIE.....recipe by the Amish, of course!

Before baking.....very beautiful, creamy, buttermilkey color!

WOW! I have to humbly say, my pie crusts are getting better and better looking! I used to be horrible at making pie crusts! They would always crumble and fall apart or be too sticky and never even make it off the table where I rolled it out! I have come a loooong way! Please don't think I am bragging. I am just celebrating a personal accomplishment! It's the little things in life that THRILL me!

Fresh out of the oven!! My loving husband is graciously holding the pie for I can get better light...cause the lighting in my kitchen stinks! (It makes everything look yellow!) He is a good sport that man of mine! this is what the pie is SUPPOSED to look like! It is NOT burnt! It forms this wonderful, golden, crisp, caramelized, sugary layer of goodness on the top! All the photos of this pie that I found on the internet ALL looked like this! least I was prepared! If I had put that beautiful, creamy, buttermilkey looking pie in the oven and checked back and hour later...I would have died!! I would have thought I burned the HECK out of it! Even still...even though I KNEW it was going to look like this, I was still a little freaked when I checked in on my pie around the 50 minute mark! But, once I checked the pie for doneness in the center, I could see that just under that browned, crisp layer, was that BEAUTIFUL, creamy, buttermilky filling! Whew! Just checkin'!

After letting the pie cool for a couple hours, I couldn't wait to try a slice! It was worth the wait! It was very yummy! This was my first taste of buttermilk pie, and I liked it!! It reminds me of a cross between cheesecake and custard. I can definately taste the twang of the buttermilk, and then...there is the SWEET taste of the custard that follows! I even went back for seconds! oh me oh my, can you imagine that! me?? going for seconds!! HA!

Here's the cut pie. I wanted to show the thickness of the pie. I used a pretty big pie pan. It was a 9" deep dish. I did bake it on a cookie sheet as reccomended by several people (ahem, ahem!) and had no problems with spillage! or oven fires!!!! I caught my oven on fire too, once! ONCE! and that's enough for me, I was scared to death! is the recipe! Please give it a whirl, and let me know how it turned out!! Please! I'd so love to hear from you!!

Recipe for pie crust click here crust-pie-recipe.html

P.S. Don't forget to cover the edges of your pie crust with foil to prevent burning! This pie takes a long time to cook. Remove foil during last 15 of baking.

The end!