July 20, 2011

Collecting Bok Choy Boys

Do you know what Bok Choy Boys are?

Have no clue?

Have a look at these cute little guys! These are what's called Bok Choy Boys. They are made of vinyl and stand about 1 inch high. There are 12 different characters, all a different color. Each Bok Choy Boy dons their own Chinese symbol atop their large bulbous forehead. On the back of their head, a corresponding sign representing: fire, water, sky, peace, luck, power, day, love, moon, night, snow, and star.

My 9 year old son started collecting these little guys at the end of the school year. These adorable little figurines could be found throughout his class...in student's desk, pencil boxes, back packs and pockets. Boys and girls were trading back and forth and talking about the best places to buy them. Soon my son was asking me if we could go to the bowling alley so he could get a "ninja guy"...that's what the kids first called them before they knew what they were.

Bok Choy Boys can only be purchased in bubble gum machines at 50 cents a piece. The machines we frequent are located at The Dollar Tree, Giant Eagle grocery store, the bowling alley, K Mart, and our local Chinese buffet.

My son is still trying to get the moon, and luck {four leaf clover}.

Getting a duplicate in the gum ball machine is a little disapointing...but...you can use these to trade.

I have recently discovered that you can order the complete set of 12 on Amazon.com for $5.00...but that's not quite as fun as trying your luck at various machines around town.

My son and I chose to have our photography session down by the creek. This part of the creek is my favorite spot. It is about 10 degrees cooler down here and is not visible from the road or our house. The rocks are a constant cool temperature since they never see sunlight. I like to sit on the rock bed and kick off my flip flops and revel in this cool sanctuary.

My son decided the Bok Choy Boys should take a swim.

Ok, what's he up to?

Well, apparently Bok Choy Boys can breathe under water...so...it's all good.

It's always fun to see what kids collect. My son also collects rocks, bottle caps, and Beyblades {a battle spinning top toy}. If it was possible, he would also collect craw fish from the creek!

Stay tuned for my next post. I'll be featuring my niece's collection. I'll keep it a secret for now. She has over 1,000 pieces in her collection.