August 5, 2011

portabellas, cherry tomatoes and an egg

*low fat, low sodium, low calories
*rich in fiber, selenium, potassium and B vitamins
*one medium mushroom has more potassium than a banana or glass of orange juice

*high in Lycopene, an antioxidant that helps fight against cancerous cell formation
*rich in vitamins C, A and K {vitamin K is good for bone health}
*vitamin A in the form of beta carotene great for eye health and preventing night blindness and macular degeneration
*high in potassium
*Lycopene is also connected with preventing heart disease
*high in fiber which is good for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar

*studies show eggs do not affect cholesterol levels in most people
*6 grams protein
*9 essential amino acids
*5 grams fat, 1.5 grams saturated fat
*Lutein, found in yolk is good for eye health
*Choline found in yolk stimulates brain development and performance

***Free range chickens produce healthier eggs higher in vitamins, lower in fat and cholesterol due to plenty of exercise, a healthy diet of grass, leaves, berries, insects and worms, plenty of fresh water and fresh air and almost no stress.
The yolks of eggs from fee range chickens are a deep orange color compared to eggs laid by chickens confined to small cages that produce a pale yellow yolk. The healthy, orange yolk has 7 times more beta carotene than the pale yellow yolks that aren't free range

*monounsaturated fatty acid, a healthy dietary fat, but should be used in moderation

P.S. The egg in the photos above is from my free range chickens. We have six hens that produce the most beautiful, healthy and delicious eggs. If possible, consider raising hens for eggs for your family. It's easy, economical, and fun...not to mention the healthy fresh eggs you'll have year round!