June 20, 2012

Sailing in Nantucket Sound

One of the highlights of our time in Cape Cod was sailing aboard The Cat Boat. We departed from the dock in Hyannis and set sail for 90 minutes. This was the first time any of us had ever been sailing. It was so peaceful when the captain turned off the engine and turned full power over to the sail and the wind. Let me tell you 90 minutes is quicker than you think when you are out there in Nantucket Sound. It was quite the adventure crossing over the boat before the Captain's first mate moved the boom over to the other side of the boat. First my son climbed over with ease. Then I crossed over, holding on for dear life and having a blast all at the same time. I had to stay low and hold on to what I could find . . . and mind you . . . the boat was already turning about, so we were at a definite slant!! I made it just fine, but I supposed if I tripped up, I could have ended up in the drink! LOL! Can you imagine!

Here is the boat we sailed on. It is called a Cat Boat, named for it's agility to turn quickly and easily. Ain't she a beaut!

Our salty captain

And here is a little video of us!

Anchors away matey!