October 21, 2010

I love me some felt crafts!

Here is a Halloween wall hanging that I made about 11 years ago while I was a stay at home Mom and my first born was crawling all around the living room. I miss those days. Geez, after all these years, it still looks great.

It's one of my favorite projects I've made for Halloween. I really love working with felt and I am proud of how cute this turned out.

I display it every year and assume one day it will get passed down to one of my kids for their own house. The entire thing is made from felt and embroidery floss. I made a sleeve at the top to slide a dowel rod through and used a piece of black ribbon to hang it.

Felt is so easy to work with. Once you decide what you want to make, just cut out the pieces free hand or use your own hand drawn pattern.

Pin the pieces to the background and do some basic embroidery stitches to complete.

This isn't a tutorial...I just wanted to share this with you...

...and maybe inspire you to make your own felt wall hanging. Maybe I'll make one for Thanksgiving and Christmas!