August 23, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

this is one of my favorite coffees
Kona blend
I can't describe the flavor
it's just good!

my favorite coffee mug
hand made pottery
sculpted on a pottery wheel
by a talented artist is Montana
love the glaze
bought it on a special vacation
a nine day snowmobile adventure in and around Yellowstone with my father, one of my brothers, and three sisters
paid $25 dollars for this mug
Yes...$25 dollars!
I really, really, really wanted it...
I am so glad I bought it!

my favorite pastry
lady locks
or creme horns
whichever you call it
I grew up calling them lady locks
hand made from a local bakery called Kretchmars
the filling is so light and creamy
just the right amount of sweetness
the pastry is so perfectly flaky