October 7, 2011

I see myself in my son

Do you ever see yourself in your children?

I saw myself in my son today.

His appreciation and awareness for everything that is around him...that is JUST like me!

This day,
right here in this photo,
he had decided to do his homework on the swing.


He had come in from swinging and told me it was so peaceful there. He said he could hear the birds chirping, the crickets, and a squirrel that ran behind him. He also described how the sun was coming through the trees and how nice it was.

I'm thinking, wow, he is 9 years old and he "gets it".

It's just funny because that is exactly how I think.

When I'm in a place and I am overwhelmed with the simplistic, organic beauty of it all...I want to just hang out there. I want to get my journal and write there...I want to read a book there...I want to lay there and take a nap...basically, I want to be in it, of it, with it, a part of it. It fills me with inner peace and a happiness...not a, jumping up and down, kind of happiness...but a smooth, calm, fulfilled, warm, love life, kind of happiness.

When I looked out the back door and saw him on the swing doing his homework, I knew I wanted to capture this moment. It was so precious and beautiful.

I really am, into the "moments" of life.
It seriously gives me a kick.

I am absolutely the person that stops to smell the roses. For that matter, I will actually closely examine the rich, deep blood red color, the velvety smooth texture of the petals, the faint sweet smell.

As far back as I can remember...as a child...I used to sit and look...I mean, just look...at a flower...deep inside...the stamen, the pollen...and just marvel at how each flower would grow to be just like it's other...almost identical. I studied the clover, the blades of grass, the bark of a tree, the big blobs of sticky sap, how the sunlight glowed through it, turning it a golden amber when you looked at it at just the right angle.

Maybe everyone does this...I'm not sure.

I haven't noticed this so much with my first born son...but my second born son...I catch him studying things up close...just like I remember doing...like I do still.

I smile to myself when I see this.
It makes me happy.
It is SO cool to see traits of yourself in your own children!