October 21, 2011

Going to a party

We've been invited to a Halloween party.
At first I had no clue what to dress up as.
I was just ready to cut up old pillow cases to make a blue skirt and use my son's red bedroom curtains for a cloak so I could be Red Riding Hood. My hubby was going to dress as a wolf.
But.....I found a much easier, no sewing involved, quick and very fun costume idea!!!!

Flo, the Progressive Insurance gal from T.V.!!

I love her!
My hair is brown...I can do a bump, wear some bright red lipstick and find a blue hair band at the Dollar Store. Also, I have a pair of white pants, a white t-shirt and can make a name tag that says Flo and a round pin that says "I love insurance". Oh, and the white apron...I know they sell those plain white aprons at Michaels craft store for about $6.00. I will use a blue marker and carefully write as in the correct font "Progressive" across the front.

Easy Peasy!

And....it's going to be a very, very comfortable costume...not something that is itching me like crazy or a mask that I can't keep on for very long. Fun!

My hubby has decided that he is going to be Mayhem from the Allstate Insurance commercials.

We are going to the thrift store tonight to buy a cheap suit that we can rough up on the concrete, cut a few holes in and such.
We can put a few band aids on his face and that should do it!

Easy Peasy!

Usually, when the hubs and I get invited to a costume party...we are like...ugh...I don't want to dress up!! Whining and whining...we just whine! LOL! But...I think this will actually be fun and easy and everyone knows and loves these characters, so I don't think we run the risk of "Hi, what are you supposed to be?"


I'll take some pics of us in our costumes and share with you guys soon!