July 27, 2011

my journal

I'd like to introduce a new feature on my blog.
It's called "just daily observations".
If you look to the right side of my blog just above my profile pic, you will see the link.

I'll be writing about things other than what's on my blog.
Basically, just daily observations...what's in my head.
Sometimes it may be a note about how beautiful the clouds look...
or how delicious those organic blue corn chips from Target are.

These entries are not meant to be the key to my soul or an in depth look at my personal feelings.

no no no.

I'll save that stuff for my personal journal that I write in most nights before bed.

Hope you enjoy it.

anyone for pizza?

I am tired...more mentally than physically. We've had family staying with us for 11 days. Everyone is gone now...and it's time to get things back to normal. My children's cousin from Maryland came to stay with us for one week. Here she is in the photo below.

It was a great experience for the kids. They had so much fun and no one fought. surprisingly! On the day that their cousin left, my cousin from Florida arrived. I mean down to the minute. There was no time in between to straighten the house or take a nap. All went well though and we had so much fun. My cousin stayed for 4 days and out of 4 days, we had pizza for dinner 3 nights. Don't ask me how that happened. None of us are quite sure. It just kinda happened. But we are talking really good pizza here people! And, each time it was different. The first time was white pizza with lots of veggies ordered from a local place. The second time, we were in down town Pittsburgh, getting hungry, were on foot, and choices were limited. But...this place has really good pizza. So, we had pizza for dinner! LOL! The third night we didn't really have dinner because we were at an amusement park...all day...in 90 degree weather. Yes, we closed the park down. But, we always do that when we go there! We all ate a variety of amusement park food that day! Then the last night he was here...umm, I tried to go Greek, I tried to go Chinese, I tried to go Thai, I tried! I even tried to get calzones...sorta like pizza. Somehow, that Prima Vera pizza with the capers, red onions, green olives, hot peppers, and garlic looked really, really good...and well, that's what we ordered! OMG!! Too funny! It. was. delicious! I even had leftovers for lunch the next day. I have problems! Pizza problems! LOL. Okay, no more pizza for at least a month!

{my sister and my cousin}