May 20, 2010

my visit to Cape Coral, Florida

Arrived home Wednesday afternoon from my visit to Florida. Had a nice time. It was good to see my sister Holly and brother in law Jeff. The star attraction of the visit was my little niece Abby. She is 15 months old and very adorable! Here they are in this photo.

We went to the beach one day...swam a little, hung out a little...and no...I did not get a sun tan! This is my sister Holly and her daughter Abby.


Abby and her Uncle Derek, which is my brother.

My brother Derek and me. It was so good to see him. It's been 2 years!

My 16 year old nephew my 14 year old niece Kelsey. They have grown so much I can hardly believe it! I look like a shrimp between the two of them!

My sister in law Sandy and her daughter Kelsey. It was great to see Sandy again. We got to talk for a little when I first got into town.

Abby loves to play in the cupboard and take out the beaters from the mixer. I'm guessing soon she'll be taking out those pretty white plates right there.

Don't you just love little toesies!!

I baked a strawberry blueberry pie. It was DELICIOUS! I think it needed a little extra cornstarch to thicken the filling. We ate it with vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Divine! Makes me want to make one right now!

Abby loves to play in her closet with all the pieces to her bottles.


Evening boat ride to Matlacha. Here is me and Abby.

Here is Abby's Grandfather, my sister's father in law. His name is Dutch.

This is Abby's Grandma...Shirley, and her Daddy...Jeff.

Abby and her Daddy.

Bye, Bye!

I had a great time in Cape Coral, Florida. It was great to see everyone!