August 26, 2013

End of Summer Rut

Dear World,

Hello. How are you? I'm okay. I mean, I good. I'm pretty good. All is well with me. I mean, I'm in a rut. A classic rut. Everything is fine. Everyone is healthy. I have no worries and nothing to complain about. For that, I am very, very grateful to God. I mean that..I truly do.

My Facebook status this morning stated that I am in an "end of summer" rut and I don't know what to do with myself. That's just the best way I can explain it. Although, I think I may be at the verge of pulling  out of this rut....I've been in it for about 3 days now...guess I'm tired of my little rut. LOL!

Oh, I've been in ruts before. They don't last forever. Eventually the rain will come and soften the edges of my rut and I can climb out. Wow, if that's not dramatic! haha!

So, the garden looks like the Sahara. I'm not as excited to play in there as I was a few weeks ago. My goodness, last month you could not pull me out of there. I was in there sun up to sun down. Weeding, and pulling and caring and cursing. Yes, I curse in the garden. Every time I accidentally knock off a green tomato from the vine...or twist off a yellow leaf and accidentally twist too much that I killed a perfectly healthy part of the plant. Yep, I'm a-swearin' fool when that happens.

One thing that's a bit weird with me right now....I'm wanting to rush the next season. What the heck? I mean, I'm in Walmart scouring the aisles for Fall candy. I'm checking the local fruit market to see if they've put out pumpkins yet. What is my problem? Oh man, too funny. I usually do not do this. I am usually the one that gets all huffy when the season is rushed. I'm usually the one rolling my eyes when I see hay bales and corn stalks for sale the first of September. Not this year. Nope, I'm an idiot this year. LOL! I'm just laughing at myself here.

I feel like August has been the longest month for me. I don't think school will ever get here. Well, it will "get here" in exactly 2 days. It's just time. Sometimes the summer just flies by. This year, I think the summer was just about right. And today, I feel like summer should wind itself up and take a chill pill. I wanna go out and cut the grass today, but it is way too hot and humid. I'll think I'll save that task for this evening.

What's getting to me? What's getting under my skin? What's the deal here? The only thing I can think of is this: monotony. I mean, we all experience it at some point or another. The dishes, the laundry, vacuuming, sweep the kitchen floor, clean the bathrooms.  I mean, whaddya gonna do. It is what it is...and I really don't want any life shattering events coming in to mess up a good thing...I just have to get through it. And I will. (I started a sentence with "And" sue me. hee hee)

Well, I guess I have poured out my heart. There really wasn't much to pour, not really....feels a bit dusty and the earth in my garden. Please God, breathe a spark into my attitude. I don't even feel right asking God for that. That's not right, is it? I should be responsible for my own attitude. Is attitude even the word? What is the word? Good heavens, I can't even put a finger on it. It's my inner being, my self, my consciousness, my purpose, my....what? I don't know.

What can I do but put one foot in front of the other. Everything is fine. I'll go through the motions. Before I know it, something will spark my interest...I'll get going...the leaves will change color...I will change color. I'll be bright and vibrant...full of energy and interest. So, until then my friends...I need to go water the garden.

Good day to all!

Love to all!