October 7, 2010

Candy Corn Cookies and Rain!

This past Monday evening, it was cozy and warm inside my house.
Outside it was rainy and cold.
The kind of cold where you see your breath.
There were two things this evening called for...
a fire in the fireplace
and cookies in the oven!

I really wanted a fire but I knew I had to make kindling first! My husband was at a Boy Scout meeting with our boys so if kindling was to be chopped...it was going to be me doing the chopping! It was starting to get dark so I hurried out to the wood shed, grabbed the axe and found a few skinny pieces of dry wood to split. I did a good job...well...a pretty good job...I slipped once and the axe landed squarely on the knuckle of my left pointer finger. Just a tiny cut, but it did hurt!

I got a good fire going!
Ahhhhhh, the smell of burning wood.
and the heat on my face.
I loved it.

In the kitchen I whipped up some Candy Corn sugar cookies.

a little vanilla, an egg yolk, some baking powder and salt
mix, mix, mix....
add the flour....
mix again.
Roll some tiny dough balls...about the size of a tsp.

Bake 10 minutes...
pull the hot tray from the oven...
immediately push a single piece of candy corn into each soft cookie.

Mmmm, the subtle sweet smell of the candy corn warming on each cookie!
It was cranky and raining outside, but oh so sweet inside!
I wish that all of you...
my blog friends...
were here so we could've had a cup of hot tea,
a few cookies,
and some friendly chit chat!

Here's the recipe...you gotta give these a try!