June 18, 2012

back from the Cape

Hello there! 
We are back from Cape Cod.

What a beautiful place! I enjoyed our vacation so much. Cape Cod is such a charming, peaceful place. We are already planning to go back again next year!

We camped at Nickerson State Park, which is located in a little town called Brewster...right in the center of Cape Cod. Here's our campsite. I tried to make it as homey and inviting as possible. We stayed here for 6 nights.



I have to say, EVERYTHING on Cape Cod is beautiful! Every store and restaurant is quaint and inviting...every house is charming and beautiful...it's all kept very well and nicely restored. The shopping plazas are built and designed small and have that quaint, old fashioned, sea-town look.

Here is my favorite store of all. It is a general store in Brewster. It has a little bit of everything. If I lived here, I would come in for a cup of coffee, a muffin and a newspaper every morning!!

Most of the businesses are "Mom and Pop"...retail and restaurants alike. There are no tall buildings or big hotels. There are plenty of cottages and inns everywhere. Basically, they have done a great job maintaining the integrity, nostalgia and history of Cape Cod.

My husband and I just loved the town of Brewster and could definitely see ourselves living there. 
Maybe one day we will move there!! 
Oh yes, I would be very happy!! 
Northern coastal living is beautiful...
it's so much the opposite of southern tropical living...
which I have already done for 5 years living in Cape Coral, Florida. 
Now, I could sooooo go for the New England, nautical, salty dog, sailboats, crab pots, lobster pots, windmills, lighthouses....
oh, need I say more?!

Here are some random photos I took along our explorations and adventures.

Well, that's a pretty good re-cap of our time on Cape Cod. I hope you enjoyed my photos! Until next time, happy summer!!