October 13, 2010

no such thing as over the hump day

Good morning everyone! It's Wednesday...over the hump day. Ok, who even says that anymore? Not me, cause when you're a Mom, there is no hump, cause there is no end of the week...it's just one continuous week. That is definitely something I noticed when I became a Mom and didn't work outside the home...I no longer got excited about the weekend...because every day is the same...to me a weekday is the same as a weekend...it's all the same. Before children, it was always...it's Friday night, oh, we have to do something....just cause...it's Friday night and you're supposed to do something. Anyhow, at first, way back, it bothered me, but now, it's a way of life and I really don't care. Pretty much every day is a fun day for me now. I have a lot of freedom to do fun things when I want to and it is not restricted to just Friday or Saturday night. But also....my idea of fun has changed...drastically...I no longer think it's fun to go to a bar for a beer...I would rather not. I no longer think it's fun to go dancing all night, that would really wear me out and the music is way too loud! I no longer think it is fun to run naked through a corn field.....ha ha, got you there didn't I! No...I have never, ever run naked through a corn field....however, I have run through a corn field...only I was fully clothed and was on private property, was probably about 16 years old and hanging out with friends...it was very late, I'm sure my parents thought I was sleeping at my friends house...and I was having so much fun and laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. But I digress! Those were the REALLY good old days. We're talking like 1986 here! Sorry, just a little memory there~! The only corn fields I am running through now are the corn mazes at a Fall festival with my kids! I'm having fun now too! Only now, when I almost pee my pants, it's not because I'm laughing too hard, it's because I sneezed or coughed too hard! I'm laughing now! Can anyone relate? Really, I do love my life and I am happy! I have no humps to get over...at the moment. When the kids are grown and out of the house, I will be back to working full time and saying "Yes! It's Friday! Honey, what are we doing tonight? It's Friday, we gotta do something!" And so...I must go now and put the second child on the bus...the day is mine until 3:00! Fun!

P.S. Later today, I will be posting a new recipe for cut out sugar cookies. Stay tuned because these are no ordinary cut out cookies...they are brown sugar spice cut outs. They work the same as the traditional cut out cookies, but the dough is reminiscent of Fall. You'll love the flavor of this cookie and will have fun cutting out and decorating leaf shaped cookies.