May 12, 2010


When I was a child I received a book called "My Learn To Sew Book". How I was given this book is a memory that remains dear to my heart.
I remember being in Erie, PA on vacation while staying at Presque Isle Cottages. My father must have had to work so he was not there with us. Bear with me because this memory is so faded, but I know it was real. I remember my father coming to the cottages one day and I was so happy! He must have had to go back home that night and when I found out, I was so sad that I was crying and crying. I remember it was bedtime, and I was in bed and could hear my parents and other relatives talking and laughing in the front of the cottage. I was laying in bed sobbing and my Dad came in and told me he got me something and he gave me this book. He layed down with me for a few minutes until I calmed down and stopped crying. He thought I fell asleep and left to go back out and join the party. I wasn't asleep, but I didn't say anything. I really have no idea how old I was, but I feel like I was so little, so I must have been about 5. The funny thing is, there is no way, my father bought that book for me. That was just not the kind of thing he would do. I'm sure my mom had bought it and brought it with her to look over while on vacation. She probably planned to give it to me later. However...I of course thought that my Dad DID buy it for me, and I remember being very surprised and very loved because I couldn't believe he ACTUALLY picked this book out for me. It doesn't matter now that he didn't buy it, what matters is that at the time I actually thought he did. Well, I have always loved this book and I used to look at it over and over again throughout my childhood. I always wanted to sew all of the projects but never made a single one! Some years ago, my mom gave me back my book. I couldn't believe she still had it. It's been sitting in my bookcase ever since. This past winter my niece Abby was about to turn one and I decided to make her a baby doll. I knew I had the perfect pattern!
It was called Polly Dolly from my childhood book "My Learn To Sew Book". It is such an easy pattern and that is why I love it. I decided to use fabric for the hair instead of yarn. I thought it would be better for a 1 year old, just in case she tried to chew on the hair. I had fun embroidering the sweet little face as well. The book also includes a dress pattern for Polly Dolly.

I really hope Abby likes her dolly. Although, I do have visions of her looking at it and throwing it down just like any other 1 year old would do. But...I hope one day she will come to love her dolly as much as I loved making it.

To Abby From Aunt Bonnie With Love

chai, how are you?

I love chai lattes from Starbucks, however, at a few bucks a pop, I decided to check out what the grocery store had to offer. I found this product by TAZO! I believe it was only $3.46. It's REALLY good and so easy to part milk to one part chai. I'm happy about the ingredients too, no extra additives or preservatives! Yay!

This is the perfect hot drink for a rainy day! This would definately be a great drink for Fall with the cinnamony and ginger undertones.

Yum! So smooth and mild! Give it a try! It always makes me feel so GOOD!