June 29, 2012

Summer Activities with the kids, Episode 1, How to play Trash Can, a card game

Recently, my youngest son taught me how to play a card game called Trash Can. I pretty much fell in love with this game, because it is easy, requires no deep thinking or massive brain power, and it's fast moving. 

Here's the object of the game: Be the first person to fill in Ace through 8 {Aces are considered 1} in consecutive order, in the spaces of the face down cards in front of you. You accomplish this by drawing cards or using opponents discarded cards.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

First deal the cards out, just as you see below, placing the remaining cards in a stack off to the side.

Think of  your cards as numbered in consecutive spots of 1 through 8. 
{In this game, you will use Aces for 1's.}

The first player draws a card from the deck of remaining cards. He draws a 9, which cannot be used. He puts the 9 card in the discard pile. His turn is now over. What the player is hoping to draw is cards numbered Ace through 8 so he can fill in the appropriate spots in his set of cards in front of him.

Player #2 decides if he can use the discarded card, or to draw a new card. The top card on the discard pile can be used by the next player if possible. If not, he must draw a card.  He draws a King.

The king is a wild card and can be placed anywhere the player chooses.

In it's place, the face down card is now revealed. An 8 card.

The player can use the 8 card in the 8th spot...now revealing the face down card in it's spot...a Jack.

The Jack is discarded since it cannot be used. His turn is now over because there is nothing more he can do.

Back to Player #1, he draws a new card since Jack cannot be used.

He draws a 3.

Player puts the 3 card in the 3rd spot.

The face down card is now revealed...it is a 6.

Player puts the 6 in the 6th spot.
{By the way, if you draw or reveal a card that you have already filled in a spot, you obviously can't use it again...the card is of no use to you. Discard it and your turn is over. For instance, if this player had just drew a 3...he already has the 3 spot filled...so he doesn't need it...he would have to discard and his turn would be over. He does not get to draw again.}

The face down card in that spot is revealed and it is a Jack.

Boo! Jacks cannot be used. Player discards the Jack. His turn is now over.

Player #2's turn. He draws from the stack since he cannot use the Jack.

He draws a 9. The 9 cannot be used. He only needs cards Ace through 8, or another King for a wild card.

He discards the 9 since he cannot use it. His turn is now over.

Ok, now you get the idea of how this goes. The game continues until each of your face down cards is replaced with the corresponding card using Ace through 8. Remember, Kings are wild and can go anywhere.  As long as you are picking up cards that can be placed in the correct spot, a player can keep going during his turn until he gets a card that cannot be played anywhere...then his turn is over.

If you are playing with very young children, you may want to end the game when a round is over. However, adults and older children will want to continue. Once a round is won...you shuffle the cards and re-deal...only, this time the winner of the game just played will be dealt one less card as shown  in the photo below. Now, this player will only have to fill spots Ace through 7 to win this round.

*Another thing...when a round is over and you are re-dealing the cards....any cards that have not been turned over in your hand, should remain where they are...get rid of the cards that are face up, and re-deal.

As rounds are won, players will have fewer and fewer cards....until finally, one player only has just the Ace spot to fill. Once that happens...the game is over and he is the winner.

* A WORD ABOUT KINGS: As I mentioned, Kings are wild, and can be moved into any spot. If you should happen to draw a card that can go into one of the spots in your set, but you have already put a king there....you can pick up the king, put the appropriate number card in it's spot and then move the king to any other spot you wish. See below photos for example.

Here you see the King has been used in the 7 spot. 

The player then drew a 7 and is able to put the 7 in the correct spot, now freeing the King to be placed in any spot the player chooses.

Aha! The player can use the King, wild card, in the 5 spot. 

This move has won him the game! 
{or "the round"}

The End!

Please feel free to ask any questions...I hope I  was able to convey these instructions clearly.
Have fun!


June 21, 2012

Show and Tell, hand embroidery

* just wanted to show off my latest project *


I thoroughly enjoyed making this! 
I have to confess . . . I traced the pie from an embroidery transfer book. 
I think that it's fair to say . . embroidery is currently my favorite hobby!! 
 Do any of you embroider?? 
If so, tell me what you've made! 
I'd love to hear about it!!
Or you can email me a photo if you'd like!
I would love to see!!

June 20, 2012

Sailing in Nantucket Sound

One of the highlights of our time in Cape Cod was sailing aboard The Cat Boat. We departed from the dock in Hyannis and set sail for 90 minutes. This was the first time any of us had ever been sailing. It was so peaceful when the captain turned off the engine and turned full power over to the sail and the wind. Let me tell you 90 minutes is quicker than you think when you are out there in Nantucket Sound. It was quite the adventure crossing over the boat before the Captain's first mate moved the boom over to the other side of the boat. First my son climbed over with ease. Then I crossed over, holding on for dear life and having a blast all at the same time. I had to stay low and hold on to what I could find . . . and mind you . . . the boat was already turning about, so we were at a definite slant!! I made it just fine, but I supposed if I tripped up, I could have ended up in the drink! LOL! Can you imagine!

Here is the boat we sailed on. It is called a Cat Boat, named for it's agility to turn quickly and easily. Ain't she a beaut!

Our salty captain

And here is a little video of us!

Anchors away matey!

June 18, 2012

back from the Cape

Hello there! 
We are back from Cape Cod.

What a beautiful place! I enjoyed our vacation so much. Cape Cod is such a charming, peaceful place. We are already planning to go back again next year!

We camped at Nickerson State Park, which is located in a little town called Brewster...right in the center of Cape Cod. Here's our campsite. I tried to make it as homey and inviting as possible. We stayed here for 6 nights.



I have to say, EVERYTHING on Cape Cod is beautiful! Every store and restaurant is quaint and inviting...every house is charming and beautiful...it's all kept very well and nicely restored. The shopping plazas are built and designed small and have that quaint, old fashioned, sea-town look.

Here is my favorite store of all. It is a general store in Brewster. It has a little bit of everything. If I lived here, I would come in for a cup of coffee, a muffin and a newspaper every morning!!

Most of the businesses are "Mom and Pop"...retail and restaurants alike. There are no tall buildings or big hotels. There are plenty of cottages and inns everywhere. Basically, they have done a great job maintaining the integrity, nostalgia and history of Cape Cod.

My husband and I just loved the town of Brewster and could definitely see ourselves living there. 
Maybe one day we will move there!! 
Oh yes, I would be very happy!! 
Northern coastal living is beautiful...
it's so much the opposite of southern tropical living...
which I have already done for 5 years living in Cape Coral, Florida. 
Now, I could sooooo go for the New England, nautical, salty dog, sailboats, crab pots, lobster pots, windmills, lighthouses....
oh, need I say more?!

Here are some random photos I took along our explorations and adventures.

Well, that's a pretty good re-cap of our time on Cape Cod. I hope you enjoyed my photos! Until next time, happy summer!!