July 29, 2013

Beer Battered Fried Zucchini

{{Zucchini}}  What can I say about it? It's easy to grow, and it's usually, always, a bountiful producer!! Not to mention....zucchini is just one of those versatile vegetables you can do a lot with.  You can make bread, cookies, lasagna, salad.....bread it, batter it, fry it.....you name it. One of my favorite "go to" meals for zucchini is breaded and lightly fried, with a sprinkling of salt and pepper {{Yum!}} The other day, I was about to pull out the 'ol bread crumbs, when I realized.....I was out of bread crumbs. Well, what's a girl to do? I could make some bread crumbs, yes, that 's true. But I didn't feel like it, and the oil was already heating on the stove  Think..think!  Oh! I know! How about some beer batter! Total yum!

Here's a quick and easy beer batter recipe that I just love. It always turns out so light and crispy!  ****In a bowl, beat 2 eggs, add 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup beer, 1 cup flour, some salt and pepper to taste, mix well****Dredge thin slices of zucchini in flour, dunk into beer batter, fry in heated oil in skillet. Lightly brown on both sides. Remove from oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cool. Eat! Close eyes, smile and say yum!

PS  **I like to dip my beer battered zucchini in Caesar salad dressing...just your basic, off the shelf, bottled dressing.