August 18, 2012

no smoke and mirrors here

Hello readers and friends! It is Saturday and it is so beautiful outside. Today I am planning on quilting, baking  pies and making tomato sauce. I have so much fresh fruit and tomatoes on my kitchen table right now...the fruit flies are having a lot of fun, I tell ya! This morning I changed my bio on my blog. An anonymous commenter noted that my pepperoni rolls are in complete contradiction with my profile description of myself.   My simple recipe  for pepperoni rolls is made with frozen bread dough, jarred pizza sauce, and shredded cheese from Wal bio stated that I believe in making everything from scratch. It's funny, because, for a very long time, my bio stated that I make meals from scratch, "but not everything", and I said "I'm not perfect ya know". Well, when I was updating my blog not long ago, I decided to re-word my bio a little bit and I dropped that part.  Well, I don't want to give anyone the false sense that I make my own cheese, or that I make my pasta from scratch or that I grind wheat berries to make my own flour. Although, I would totally love to do all of that because I find that stuff completely awesome!! So, I would like to say that
I DO NOT make everything from scratch....BUT...
there are many things I make from scratch.
I do have store bought pasta sauce in my pantry...BUT...
I do make homemade tomato sauce as well...cause it's awesome and oh so yummy!
Also, I love, love to bake most of my cakes from scratch....
pretty much about 99% of my cakes are from scratch.
I do on occasion bake a cake from a box mix....yes, it's true...I know...what can I say.
I do bake my pies from scratch...always, always, always, always, always!!!!!!!!
Every single pie crust I make is from scratch.
I rarely buy pre packaged scares me all the crap they put in freezer food.
I have definitely bought many freezer pizzas....
but I have also made pizza from scratch many times....and it is soooo much tastier!
I buy Oreos and those mini powdered sugar donuts and put peanut butter on top of 'em....
cause it's a sickness I have....
peanut butter and powdered sugar...
I like it way too much! LOL!
I do sometimes make prepackaged flavored rice....although, I do feel guilty about it when I do...
because I know I can make it with the ingredients I have in my pantry.

On a last note, I know that my faithful readers and commenters already know this about me. I want to thank all of you guys out there. You have been so awesome with your support and faithful reading. You guys keep me going. I often go back and forth on whether or not to continue this blog. I do enjoy it, but it does keep me on the computer a little more than I would like. For some reason, I am not a quick blogger. It takes me a lot of time to make a post....sometimes. The best thing that I have gotten from this blog is the friendships that I have made with some of you. It is so awesome to be able to share interests with others that enjoy the same thing as me. I've gotten to know about your families and I care about what happens to you guys. I always think of blogging as modern day pen pals...I think it is pretty cool.

P.S. I don't want you guys to think that one comment has really disturbed me to the point of making a big post and all this stuff. I'm not mad or hurt or anything like that. I kinda have a dream of one day publishing a, family life, Pennsylvania....stuff like that....and if I am going to ever do that, I better make sure that I am coming across real and I don't want to be misleading at all.

Love you guys!!
Have a totally fantastic weekend!
I know I will!
Lots of baking planned! the way, I am in the home stretch with my sailboat quilt! Last night I starting attaching the binding/the edging that goes around the edge of the quilt!! I am so happy! It WILL be done today! Yay!!