March 2, 2012

Just a little of this and that

Yesterday I was busy putting away STUFF. There's just STUFF everywhere. Jackets, pencils, mail, coupons, quilting thread, tweezers, scrapbooks, notebooks, cookbooks, candles, baby toys, tennis shoes, snow boots, clothes, earrings, atlas maps, Boy Scout stuff, old homework papers, old report cards, video games.....STUFF.

I kinda feel like I want to clean like I'm moving to another house. When you prepare to move, you pack away all of the extra, unnecessary stuff . . . . and you're left with clutter-free furniture, counter tops and living space! I love it! I wonder if I'm getting that Spring cleaning feeling.

When I looked at my bookcase yesterday, the sun was shining through the window and highlighting the magazines and printed recipes tucked here and there . . . and I was perturbed. It looked so dusty and disheveled. Then, I put away all of the snow boots and extra shoes gathered by the front door and found a few dried leaves and lots of crumbly little pieces of dried mud and dirt that had been stuck in the thick treads . . . and I was like it. . . . errrrrrr!

Yep! I think I'm getting that itch for Spring cleaning. It will be nice to get that first warm day of the season when I can open a couple of windows and let some fresh air in!

Amidst cleaning, I did find time to take a little walk and enjoy that sunshine. I noticed white feathers peppered the landscape everywhere I walked. Chicken feathers. Not sure if they're from the Leghorn named Crystal Gale, or the Americauna named Sleepy. They were so pretty and fluffy, dancing softly in the breeze . . . glad I took a few photos because it is really raining out there this morning! No fluffy, puffy, pretty white feathers floating on a breeze today...everything is washing downstream today! Our creek is up sooooo high it will probably crest by afternoon. Our basement will undoubtedly flood {minimally} and that is quite normal for us...especially in Spring!

This is Sleepy. 
She wants to know why I'm poking around in her business!

I realize she looks a little scary up close...but really, I love her the most! She is the only chicken that willingly lets us pick her up.

Today I will continue with a little cleaning. I've planned to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the finger prints left at the edges of walls, openings and door frames. I'd also like to take a little time to do some quilting, drink some coffee and watch the rain from my living room window.

We are having dinner guests this evening . . .family . . .I'm making spaghetti with homemade meatballs and sauce, garlic bread and salad. Dessert is chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream! Yum! Well, I've got my day planned so I am off!

Aw, come on Sleepy! 
Don't go away mad.
Let's talk about this.
I need material for my blog!

Until next time!