September 6, 2012

Mamma's Back {that's me....Mamma}

I am here!
I've just been a little pre-occupied!
I know I gotta be puttin' some stuff on this here blog
or you guys'll done forget about me!
Sorry for the poor English and grammar!
I'm just funnin' around!
I am planning on writing a post tonight....
right now I've got to run to the fruit market and pick up:
1) red peppers
2) seedless cucumber
3) can of chick peas
4) tahini
5) pitas
Tonight I am making a totally awesome dinner:
roasted red pepper and veggie stuffed pitas with a slathering of freshly made hummus
Does that not sound amaaaaaaazing?!
I've been cooking up a storm here and I have recipes to share with you all.
So, that's kinda the reason for my absence here on my blog....
I'm cooking....
I'm slicing and dicing....
I'm watching youtube recipe videos....
I'm getting inspired....
I'm creating!
Ok, until tonight!

I will leave you with a picture of our chicken, Crystal Gale, crossing our bridge.
Our chickens cross this bridge allllllllll the time! 
It is so cute!
And, sometimes they RUN across the bridge when they see me on the other side with food!

....and a picture of my son crossing our bridge... 

and a picture of my feet crossing our bridge....

all this just after a beautiful rain storm.

You've seen photos of our creek's nothing!
But, when it rains, man it quickly rises!! 
Happy rain storms to ya!