July 3, 2010

Forever Young

Today, July 3rd, is my 40th birthday.
I don't really like the number, but I still feel the same as I did yesterday.
Wow....my 20's...whoosh! Where did they go?
Wow...my 30's...whoosh! Where did THEY go?
I better really start paying attention to where my days, and weeks, and months, and years go!!

Well, what I DO pay attention to is this:

I am happy to be alive.
I am happy to be healthy.
I am happy that I have my two boys.
I am happy that I have my husband.
I am happy that I still have my Mom and my Dad.
I am happy that I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
I am happy that I have my husband's family.
I am happy that I have my friends.
I am happy that I live in Pennsylvania.
I am happy to have a family that I love and loves me.
I am happy to have friends that I love and loves me.

And Soooo.....Happy Birthday To Me!

I bought myself one of those little containers of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream..."Imagine Whirled Peace"...it has caramel and sweet cream ice cream swirled with fudge peace signs and toffee cookie pieces! oh yummy!

I almost didn't buy it because I felt guilty. I thought about my kids and their cousins staying with us and my husband's face. I put the Ben & Jerry's back on the freezer shelf and started looking at half gallons. I looked and I looked, but none seemed as interesting. I went back to the Ben & Jerry's containers and thought to myself, "If I can't treat MYSELF to a Ben & Jerry's pint of Imagine Whirled Peace on my 40th birthday, I've got a real problem!" I put it back in the cart and I bought it!! Being a Mom, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS think of everyone else's happiness. I have to get over this, and sometimes think of myself a little more often. I have decided that I am going to eat my ice cream after everyone goes to bed. I would obviously never, ever eat it in front of everyone! And, besides, they all will get a nice piece of my birthday cake anyway! It's not like they won't get any treats!!