April 23, 2012

My Sunday

Slept in 'til 10 am.
While I was sleeping,  hubby took pictures of a Blue Heron frolicking in creek behind our house.
Rushed through breakfast and rushed to get ready for church!
New skirt and shirt for church...will talk about the skirt thing in a later post..if I forget..remind me.
Church service 10:45 til 12 noon...good sermon!
Took my new, awesome Bible to church today...so excited to use it...I just love it!
Washed dishes like a good girl...cause I always let them set until I have a mountain!!
Hubby and youngest child left to go to a scavenger hunt for Cub Scouts at a local park.
Oldest son worked on adding something to his computer....I don't know what it is.
For lunch, I ate 2 slices of heavenly leftover pizza...spinach, garlic and chicken.
Watched some of {hockey} Pittsburgh Penguins VS. Philadelphia Flyers...umm, we lost..not phased!
Little bit of computer time for me...Facebook, blogging, Pinterest...whatever.
Wondering if we will get any of the 4 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow.
For dinner I quartered and roasted red potatoes and also some sugar snap peas..seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper...the red potatoes were also seasoned with sage from my garden...the peas were also seasoned with thyme from my garden.
Made fruit salad with mangoes, kiwi and apples...so delicious and fresh.
2 pieces leftover talapia fish.
After dinner, evening church service at 6:35 pm...just me, rest of family stayed home...good service!
Oh! I forgot! after church I made peanut butter chocolate swirl bars...TOTALLY DELICIOUS!
10:00 pm nightly news...weather report...snow won't start til 5 am...2 to 4 inches tomorrow...we'll see!
Midnight blogging right now...working on this post...time for beddy-bye...need to get some sleep.
My usual late night snack of peanut butter on whole wheat bread with butter and a sprinkling of powdered sugar..and a cup of milk...comfort food!
So thankful for today.
Thank you God, you are always so good to me!
Blessed beyond measure!
Good night!
Can't wait for tomorrow!
No special reason....but who knows what tomorrow will bring!