December 18, 2010

the latest

I love to naturally, this is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments. It's so beautiful! I bought it last year at Pier 1 Imports. It's made completely of glass...and I love it!

I haven't posted very much lately. I wish I could say it's because I have been so busy. I don't really think that's the case. I think my mind is always on my blog, but for some reason or other, I have not been very motivated lately. I'm blaming it on the constant grey skies and the bitter cold weather. I am afraid that I am like a hibernating bear...I'm very much in love with my couch, a warm blanket and a very hot cup of tea!

what's been going on:
Last weekend my niece and nephew came for a visit. We also had a photo shoot at my house...a picture taken of my husband and his six sisters for their parents for a Christmas present. Don't worry...this is not the "good" photo...this was just me snapping a few photos here and there...I was not the photographer for this shoot!

My oldest son was in a Christmas band concert at school last week...they did a fantastic job! Here's a photo of Grandpap helping him with his tie before the concert.

This evening we are going to a neighborhood Christmas party. The people inviting us are asking everyone to bring a "white elephant" gift and an appetizer...should be a nice time. Here's my "white elephant" gift. I have absolutely no use for this in my house.

My youngest son will be in a Christmas program at school on Monday afternoon...I know that will be cute to see!

Tomorrow morning we go to church and then probably some Christmas shopping afterward.

Then....of course....the Steeler game starts at 4:00 pm. I have to watch my favorite player Troy Polamalu. Oh, I forgot, he hurt his ankle, so, maybe no Troy this Sunday! We shall see! Here's a little clip..if you are not familiar with the Pittsburgh Steelers...they are the ones in black and gold and Polamalu is #43.

I'm sorry...I can't help myself...just wanted to share this photo of Troy Polamalu with you...he's just too cute...I hope my husband does not read this post because he will be rolling his eyes! He knows I like Troy, and he's fine with that. He just says that if there was a woman on tv that he thought was gorgeous and he was posting pictures of her I would be flipping out on him...oh man..he's's a double standard! I know! I'm sorry! Hee Hee! :)

Ok, that's it...I'll be back soon with a great soup recipe...15 bean soup with're gonna love it!