February 3, 2012

chocolate covered Bugles

Here's a sweet treat's that neat! These are absolutely delicious! The salty, crunchy, crispiness of the Bugle, combined with sweet chocolate is just heaven! One bag of Bugles...one pound of chocolate. I use the round, real chocolate wafers that are meltable and shiny...I buy mine from a candy and cake supply store. If you have one in your area, I would suggest buying there. In my opinion, the chocolate is better quality. Also, they are usually independently owned and I love to support local businesses. I melt my chocolate in a double boiler. Just drop a Bugle in the chocolate...flip it around with a fork to get it all coated...scoop it out with the fork...place on a sheet of waxed paper...sprinkle some Valentines jimmies on top {jimmies are sprinkles...that's what we say here in Pittsburgh}...and you are done! Easy peasy! Warning, you can't eat just one!

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