June 3, 2010

patiently awaiting more readers

I have decided to narrow the focus of my blog,
to that of baking and cooking.
After all, it is what I do best.
After all, it is what I am most interested in.
I initially wanted this blog
to be all about pies...sweet and savory.

(chicken pot pie made from scratch)

But...it has taken on a life of it's own,
with many different topics.
I've decided to reign it in and get control!!
I am still struggling with the fact
that I would love to have more readers.
Every day I wonder
if the hours that I spend on my blog
are for nothing.
Kinda like...
Is anyone out there?
Can anyone hear me?
Can anyone see me?
Well, I'm sure anyone who has started a blog
has had this thought at one time or another.
I am wondering
if focusing my blog on cooking and baking
will help me
in my search
of befriending people
who have the same obsession as me?
I have exactly 2 readers right now,
(that I know of)
my friend Ruth,
and on a rare occassion, my sister Holly.
I may have more..
those of which I am unaware..
so, if you are a reader..
I thank you
oh so kindly
from the bottom of my heart.
And if you aren't obsessed
with baking and cooking,
but just like to read my blog
cause you like it...
that is fantastic too!
My blog is very new
and I am still trying to get it "out there".
At this point, I am not searchable on Yahoo,
I must sound desparate,
maybe I am a little. (hee hee!)
But, I think it would be really fun
and so very inspiring
to communicate with some of the
very talented bloggers, artists, and cooks out there.
Someone who...
like me,
reads cook books like they were a novel...
someone who...
like me,
scrapbooks now and then...
someone who...
like me,
likes to sew...
and paint...
and writes in a journal...
someone who...
like me,
thinks Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia are the bomb...
thinks organic food is wonderful...
has a garden...
makes meals from scratch...
loves vintage stuff...
likes thrift stores...
someone who...
like me,
will stop, every time,
to watch The Breakfast Club...again!!
and someone who...
like me,
loves taking pictures...
bakes bread...
bakes pies...

(i have to say, it was THE BEST chicken pot pie I have ever eaten! I am so glad I found this recipe by The Pioneer Woman!)

...and so on and so on...
Since finding the wonderful world of blogging,
I HAVE realized there are a lot of people out there
that enjoy a lot of the same things I do!
I think it would be incredible
to connect with some of them!
Some of these blogs that I come across are so amazing!!!
I am truly in awe of how talented they are!!!
Now, don't get me wrong...
I have friends and family
that I hang out with on a regular basis...
and some that I see every so often.
I love them to death!
They are fun and interesting
and they enjoy doing some of the things that I like to do!
I LOVE that they are a part of my life
and I WANT them to be, forever and ever!
Don't FORGET, you friends of mine...
and family...
I CHOOSE to be your friend...
I WANT to be your friend...
EACH of you makes my day in your own way!
I don't just hang out with you because it's good for my health!
Cause it's not...we are always eating bad stuff!!
with lots of calories!!
It's just also fun to meet new people
who can relate to some of my other interests as well.
So, anyhow, if you read this blog,
I will never know you are here if you don't let me know you exist.
leave a comment...and I will be thrilled!
I would very much appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you! and stay creative!

recipe for chicken pot pie click here!