June 21, 2011

book review: A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott

Ok, I've been in the reading mood lately. I think because it's summer...and you always hear the phrase "summer reading".

Well, I went to one of those book exchange kind of places...if you're not familiar with the concept..here's what it is. You bring in your old books, any kind of book...paperback, cooking, history, childrens, etc...and they will give you "credit" for half of what the original price of the book was. Usually, you can find the price printed on the back. When you want to make a purchase from them, you can use your credit on 50% of your total. I love that place!! I find books that I wouldn't normally come across at a normal book store.

While browsing in the "classics" section, I found what I thought seemed to be the perfect, enticing summer read! The book is called "A Long Fatal Love Chase" by Louisa May Alcott. She is also most known for her famous book "Little Women". I found this book to be a quick read...I could never put it down! I always felt like I wanted to continue on. I don't think there was a boring part at all. The book was written in 1866...which, I thoroughly enjoy how they spoke back then...so proper! Also, men were men and women were women...men were gentlemen and women were put on a pedestal and treated with so much care and respect. It is really just amazing how our society has changed so drastically. I just really enjoy reading novels from that era...there's just such an innocence about it that I dearly love!

I will not give anything away, but here's a little tid bit:

A lonely young lady, just 18 years of age, lives with her aging grandfather. Having no friends or other family, she is dreadfully bored. Her days are spent reading and spending time with her grandfather who seems to care less of her presence.

One day, an unexpected visitor comes to visit her grandfather. The young woman is very intrigued by this man, for he has traveled the world and has had many wonderful adventures. The young lady soon finds herself drawn into his carefree life...a life of travel and riches...wanting nothing more than to feel free herself...to leave this lonely world all behind...to loved and be loved.

But...is this man someone she can trust? Is he a man of character? Can he make her happy all the days of her life? Wanting a life of excitement and adventure may be exactly what she gets...maybe a little more so than what she asked for!


Ok, that's all I'm going to say...read the book if you want to find out what happens to this young, passionate, naive woman. You won't be sorry!


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