September 29, 2012

just a quick note

hello peeps! I'm just popping in for a quick note, and I will be back later this weekend to write. I have been focusing on getting healthy and at the same time, ignoring my blog. I was going to say, sorry 'bout that, but that is kinda silly...cause I'm getting healthy! yay!! Anyhow, I haven't even checked in on all of your blogs, and for that, I am sorry! I need to get caught up on everyone and see what's been going on. Right now I am about to go for a long walk. I'm shooting for 4 reason I can't do it...but I'm headed over to my sister in laws as part of my walk and there are some nice hills on the way! If you know Pennsylvania, our roads are hilly and winding!

P.S. I tried on a shirt in the athletic department of JC Penney's was an XL....and it looked great! I am normally a 1X, which, for those of you who don't know, that is definitely bigger than an XL. Anyhow, I didn't bulge in it and there was even some loose material on the sides of the shirt. The arms were not tight at the top....unbelievable! I do declare I will be going back today and buying that shirt!!! It is so's light weight, great for walking, long sleeved and the color of a dusty pumpkin....I love it!

Ok, love you guys, I will be back before the end of the weekend with a post!! I haven't forgotten about you all...I'm just focusing.

P.S.S. Did you see those gray hairs up there on the right side of my forehead! I didn't even photoshop those out! au-naturale baby! hehe!