June 6, 2012

Cape Cod or bust!

Hello  friends! I am writing this post to you a few days before we depart for our family vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We are all, soooo very excited!! Most everything is packed and ready to be strategically tucked and squished, into our van. We're camping for 7 nights on the Cape, so we've got a lot to tote along with us on our 12 hour drive north. 4 bicycles, an 8 man tent, 2 tarps, 2 queen sized air mattresses, 1 big cooler, picnic basket, dry goods food, clothes, beach towels, bath towels, fishing rods, tackle box, medicine cabinet, camp stove, utensils for cooking on the camp stove and utensils for cooking over the fire, cast iron Dutch oven, cast iron fry pan, griddle....and that's basically it in a nut shell as well as a bunch of other misc. things that go along with camping. I've been planning meals for the Dutch Oven...looking for one pot meals such as chili mac and chicken stew covered with biscuits. I can't wait to make eggs, bacon, sausage and coffee on those chilly mornings. Yes, it will be chilly in the morning and at night as it is only early June. However, I have checked the 10 day forecast and the first four days we are there, it is supposed to be 73 degrees and sunny! We won't do any real swimming in the ocean, but we will do plenty of exploring of tide pools and digging for clams in the bay when the tide goes out. We are packing bathing suits....we just might be brave enough if we get a really warm day. The water temp is 63 degrees right now. Honestly, we are not deterred by the weather. There is so much to see and explore on Cape Cod and I prefer it to be not too hot. We are planning on going for a cruise on a sail boat...that will be a beautiful little day trip! We are also planning on taking a ferry over to Martha's Vineyard for the day....we plan to visit a few lighthouses there. Well, I must get back to laundry and packing...I just wanted to check in and let you all know about our little vacation. Of course I will post pictures when we get back!