September 29, 2011

What you don't realize: daily duties of a librarian assistant

I love the public library! It is one of my favorite places to be...all of the books at your fingertips just waiting to be read...all of that knowledge...and it's free, provided you return it on time and not spill your coffee on it!

Of course there is a lot of work that goes into the library so people like you and I can enjoy this wonderful freedom. We must never take the library for granted...especially the librarians. It might seem like they have an easy job. You may think that all they do is check books in and out and put them back on the shelf. Well, that is just not so!! There is so much more to their job than that!

Recently, I have been enlightened about the responsibilities of a librarian assistant. I have a wonderful friend named Kathy, whom I know through the blog world who is a librarian assistant. Her blog is Kathy's Trip Through Life  I always enjoy reading her posts, as she always has something interesting going on at the library or in her daily life.

I asked Kathy if she would write a post about the daily doings of a librarian assistant. I was so curious about her work, as she was always saying that sometimes it's hard to get all of her work done in her shift. I was often wondering what was the work that she couldn't get done. I knew there was much more to her job than I as a patron knew or realized. She so graciously answered my request and wrote about her job.

Please click on the link I have provided to read about her daily duties at the library. 

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 I know it will give you a greater appreciation for your local librarian!! It certainly has for me!

P.S. For some reason the link to her post puts you at the very bottom of her post..please just scroll up to the top of her post...I am SO not good at creating links!! LOL Either way it gets you there! Thank you!!