August 21, 2012

sailboat quilt, com.....plete!

Well...I've been going on and on about my sailboat quilt for some time now. 

I've been talking about it here on my blog...and on my facebook. 
Well....I have finally completed it! 
Finally! Yay!!  
I will talk no more about it....I will just show ya a couple of pics and then we can move on. hee hee!

Wait...I have one thing I have to no mind to the cut off points of my triangles!!! I totally messed up on this quilt! Years ago, when I started this quilt...I wasn't concerned about perfect points and all...if I was piecing this now-a-days....I would not be liking this and would rip out stitches and re-sew...anyhow, just sayin.

Curious about the fabrics? They were all purchased at JoAnn Fabrics about 6 years ago. I haven't purchased  any fabrics on  line yet....but  I am oh so ready to do so!! You just can't  get awesome quilting  fabric at stores  anymore. There IS still some out there....but, it  seems like the fabrics that make me drool are all available through the internet....these on line fabric shops totally rock! 

Have a great day!