October 1, 2010

Lost Chickens

My chickens are gone.
Well, two of them are.
There names are Riley and Sleepy and they vanished on Wednesday.
We have no idea what happened to them.

When I came home Wednesday afternoon I saw the red chickens, but not the white one or the black one. My son called them for a minute or two, but they didn't come running. We figured the were around somewhere and went in the house. At 7:30, when I went to put them away for the night, they weren't on their perch! We searched that night with flash lights, but never found them. The next day we looked all over the property and called them. When I call them I say "chick chick chick chick chickey". But no little chickens came a runnin like they usually do. It is now Friday and still no sign of them. I am assuming that they wandered a little too far and lost their way, or a dog came into the yard and chased them so far away they couldn't find their way back. I am sad. We loved them like pets. They are very sweet. The white one, Sleepy, will let you pick her up anytime. The black one, Riley, is a little harder to catch, but she will let you hold her. We are still hopeful that they will find their way home...that is if they haven't met up with a raccoon, fox or coyote. If that happens, we will probably never know.