September 26, 2011

Apple Cozy


An apple cozy. 

You need this!
Don't deny it.

I am completely smitten by my new apple cozies!
I saw the idea on Pinterest...and immediately messaged my friend who crochets.
She whipped up about 20 different cozies for me to pick and choose from.

I bought 8.

I could have bought more.
I wanted to buy more.
I will buy more!

 I'm taking an apple in a cozy to my son's teacher for open house.

I gave one to my friend as a hostess gift when she threw a campfire weiner roast for our Bible study group at her home.

I'm going to give one to my mother-in-law today when I deliver a home cooked meal for their dinner because my father-in-law just got out of the hospital/rehab from a very painful back injury.

 I'm giving one to my neighbor today when I return her travel mugs she lent my hubby and son for a backpacking trip so they could make tea and oatmeal and what-not.

I want to give one to my son's principal because she rocks.
She's a tough bird, but a fair bird who somehow naturally commands authority and trust.
She is exactly what elementary school students need.
I'm sorta scared of her, but not really.
Does that make sense?

The opportunities for giving apple cozies are endless.
It's like giving a smile you can hold in your hand.

Oh and did I mention...the girl that makes these only charges $2.00.
She's already planning to make jack-o-lantern faces and Santa faces for teacher gifts.

I'm purchasing a small, chubby pumpkin today.
I've asked her to crochet a cozy for my pumpkin..
Solid black with a big brown button!
I'll be sure to share a picture when it's done.
I think it will be absolutely beautiful!