May 28, 2010

thrifting for treasures

I've got the itch!

And I can't help it!

I want to go to yard sales

and thrift stores.

I like to find

vintage lovelies.

It makes my day!

Take a look
at my new found treasures!

I love vintage kitchen canisters.
These were a steal at only 99 cents a piece!

They are made of spun aluminum.

It makes me happy to see something
that was made in the USA.

I swear...these two are the NOSIEST ladies in the yard
I can't take ONE picture
without them coming around
to see if what I have resembles food in any way shape or form!


But that's ok
cause, I like 'em!

Here is my next
found treasure!

Imitation milk glass


It doesn't have to be real milk glass
to make me happy.

I can't wait to use this for my Memorial Day picnic.
It will be on my dessert table
displaying some kind of sweet little pretties!

And finally

my find of the day...

this vintage sleeping bag...

it no longer zips...
but I don't care...

I will be using it
to snuggle up with
at the drive-in theater
this summer.

It is made of cotton
and has the feel
of being washed
a million times.
It is sooooo soft!

I paid $6.00 for it
and I have a feeling
we are going to be life long friends!

I also have a feeling that
if either of my nieces
Brittany or Ashley visits,
I will have to keep a close eye on it...
for fear of them
stowing it away in their suitcase!

The End!

toadally cute

We found a cute little toad
hopping around in the grass.
I would have stepped on him
had he not hopped away...
startling me...
and causing me...
to let out a little...
He was so cleverly camouflaged
by the grass
it was hard to follow him
as he hopped away.
But then...

my boys
put him in a box
so they could get
a closer look.

My youngest son Easton
had no qualms
about holding
the warty little fellow.
am WAY too squeamish
to touch a toad.
And besides...
if you touch a toad...
you'll get warts!!
I know
that is just
an old wives tale...
it sticks with me!
It was so cool
to really get
a good
at the bumpy
little creature.

I don't know why it is...


whenever my family finds

a frog or toad...

which isn't too often...

we just think

it's the greatest thing ever!