February 23, 2012

Oh darlin' . . . I've been busy!

O H,   T O  F I N I S H   A N   O L D   P R O J E C T  ! 
It's sooooo gratifying !
This month I've been catching up on unfinished projects . . .
and Sassy was the first thing I completed ! 
Yes ! 
I've been working on him, Sasquatch, on and off, for the last 18 months.
Oh the shame of it.
But . . . sweet Sassy !  
He's done . . . and I am loving him !
Your curious, aren't ya ?
You want to know if I believe in Sasquatch, don't ya ? ! !
Should I tell you ? 
No, I don't believe there are Sasquatch out in them there woods.
It's  fun.
It's  folklore-y.
It's kinda  scarey.
It's  mysterious.
And . . .that's all it is for me . . .
that's why I like the legend !
It's just fun!
By the way, I love those "messin' with Sasquatch" commercials,
and that Finding Big Foot show.                          

N E X T   O N   M Y   L I S T   T O  F I N I S H . . .  

was a sweet, little, chubby bunny !
I started this project last January !
One year ago.
Sad but true.
She sat . . . 
unstuffed . . .
no ears
no legs
and no arms . . .
for one year !
So rude . . . I'm so sorry sweet little chubby bunny !
Well, she is now complete . . . made from an old pair of corduroy pants.
She has been mailed out to my little 3 year old niece in Florida.
She now has a happy home  !


A N D . . . C U R R E N T L Y   I ' M   W O R K I N G   ON . . .
this awesome sail boat, children's quilt !

This one takes the prize for how long ago I started it ! ! 
Let's see . . .
I started this when my son Easton was 5 years old . . .
he's now 10 years old !         
Yes, he's still a children . . . a child . . .  
but, this won't quite cover a 10 year old boy.
His feet will stick out the bottom.  
His head will stick out the top . . .{ that's a good thing ! } 
However, he is still excited to see me working on it.
He says he can't wait to sleep with it.
He can definitely cuddle with it.
Heck, I've even curled in a ball and covered with it whilst napping on the couch.
I pieced this quilt on the sewing machine . . . 
and I am hand quilting.
I have machine quilted before, but I have found, that over time . . . 
the stitches have pulled snapped and broke.
Very sad.
The quilts I have hand quilted, have withstood the test of time . . . 
and even the washing machine !
However, I am not a professional machine quilter by any means . . . 
so, I am not knocking machine quilting.
I'm just knocking MY machine quilting !