December 3, 2012

I remember.....handmade ornaments

This is one of my favorite ornaments. It was made by my son when he was 3 years old. He was in Playgroup at our church...pre school for 3 year olds. My son is now 14. Fourteen. My baby boy is 14. When I think about him, being 3, his tiny little hands painting and glittering this pine's just too precious. I wish I could go back in time and glimpse a shot of him, sitting at the table, creating, watching the other kids, waiting for me to come pick him up, giving me this ornament, hanging it on the tree. Days gone by. It's almost torture for a mom to think back on these memories. Though they are fond and precious and sweet and wonderful...the longing to be there again, just for a's a little torture-ous.  Those precious, sweet, innocent days. I miss those days. Little boy, so cute and sweet, red hair, freckles, little nose, little mittens, little winter coat. 

If I told him of this memory, how much I adore it... he would say to me "ok"....and I would have to say "ok??? What do you mean, ok? You should say, aw mom, that is such a nice memory." Then my 14 year old will repeat what I said he should a monotone voice, "aw mom, that is such a nice memory." 

But, really, I just love this pine cone!