September 29, 2012

just a quick note

hello peeps! I'm just popping in for a quick note, and I will be back later this weekend to write. I have been focusing on getting healthy and at the same time, ignoring my blog. I was going to say, sorry 'bout that, but that is kinda silly...cause I'm getting healthy! yay!! Anyhow, I haven't even checked in on all of your blogs, and for that, I am sorry! I need to get caught up on everyone and see what's been going on. Right now I am about to go for a long walk. I'm shooting for 4 reason I can't do it...but I'm headed over to my sister in laws as part of my walk and there are some nice hills on the way! If you know Pennsylvania, our roads are hilly and winding!

P.S. I tried on a shirt in the athletic department of JC Penney's was an XL....and it looked great! I am normally a 1X, which, for those of you who don't know, that is definitely bigger than an XL. Anyhow, I didn't bulge in it and there was even some loose material on the sides of the shirt. The arms were not tight at the top....unbelievable! I do declare I will be going back today and buying that shirt!!! It is so's light weight, great for walking, long sleeved and the color of a dusty pumpkin....I love it!

Ok, love you guys, I will be back before the end of the weekend with a post!! I haven't forgotten about you all...I'm just focusing.

P.S.S. Did you see those gray hairs up there on the right side of my forehead! I didn't even photoshop those out! au-naturale baby! hehe!

September 10, 2012

Feeling the health of eating a rainbow!

It's Monday morning and I am happy! Not because it's Monday...I'm just happy! My mood has been so good lately. I feel like I've gotten my old spunky self back. Also, the cooler weather is down right exhilarating! I actually WANT to take brisk walks for exercise again! You know....summer is beautiful and all, but me and heat just don't get along these days! Even more so, humidity and I are down right enemies!

So anyhow....why is my mood so freakin' fantastic???? The past 2 weeks, I've been eating extremely well...mostly raw fruits and raw vegetables. I've had meat only about 4 times: chicken burgers twice, pork roast, BBQ pulled pork, and chicken....ok, that's 5 times. Ya, basically, I'm only shopping in the produce section and at fruit markets. It's been fun though!!

The variety of foods I've been eating is a blast....and it's all so delicious it's not even funny! My energy and mental clarity is fantastic. Oh, I almost dairy and no breads the past 2 weeks either. I have had a few multi grain wraps though. The only dairy I've had is the half n half in my morning coffee...{as well as 3 tsp. sugar.} 

The differences I have noticed these past 2 weeks have been pretty cool! For instance, the very first thing I noticed was on day 4 of eating like this. When I walked down the steps first thing in the morning......there was no pain in my hips, knees, ankles and feet. That in itself is pretty amazing! The crazy thing is, I never ever expected that. It just happened and I noticed it right away. I am telling you the truth people, for the last 4 years at least....every single solitary morning, without fail, when I would walk down the steps first thing in the morning, it was painful and I would hold on the sides of the wall to kinda brace myself...and I would sorta ease myself down the steps.

In my mind, it was 100% due to my weight. I am 5 ft. 3 inches tall and I weigh right around 200 pounds. I know extra weight is very hard on knees and I figured I would be in pain until I lost about 30 pounds...something like that...something that would make a significant difference to the weight load on my joints. day 4 of eating 95% of my daily food as raw fruits and vegetables....I may have lost about 3 pounds maybe, maybe 2 pounds.....whatever...but I don't think losing  a few pounds would be enough to take away pain from the waist down in my joints. Sooooo, the only thing I can attribute that to is the surplus of natural nutrient intake from the fruits and veggies that I've been feeding my body.

It's been 2 weeks since I started eating like this and the pain has not come back! Very, very crazy!! I also used to experience that same pain after sitting on the couch for a long time at night....I'd get up and go to walk to the kitchen and I would literally hobble!!  Seriously, the hubs and I would joke about it. This has been going on for longer than 4's just I'm going by how long we've been in this house....we've been here for 4 years. By the way, I have lost a little weight during these past 2 weeks....don't know how much, I don't own a scale, and I don't care....scales will get me into trouble anyhow!!!!'s not important what the scale says, it's important if my clothes are getting loose and too big. I haven't gone down a size yet...but the clothes are feeling a loose and that is great!!

The main reason for me eating this way is to be as healthy as I can and to try to eliminate and or prevent disease.....losing weight is just a nice,wonderful, awesome bonus! Of course I want and really, really need to lose weight...but that will happen if I'm eating clean. The nice thing about this so far is the's fast.....not sluggish. Also, I have no feeling of lethargy. I can't tell you how many naps {prior to the past 2 weeks} I have taken on the couch, mid-day, after the kids get home from maybe a 1 hour nap...because I felt so sleepy and blah. I don't feel sleepy anymore...I don't feel blah anymore. Bonus!

One last note here...when I go up the steps, I am not out of breath anymore...when I walk up my driveway, I am not out of breath anymore. I mean, not like I was gasping for breath before....but it would make me feel a little winded and I'm straight up and bam...that's it, no ill racing heart, no heavy breathing. Pretty cool.

The above photo there is the breakfast I just ate while typing this. As you can see, I'm still drinking coffee in the morning. Like I said, still using half n half and sugar. That is the only sugar I eat all day though...other than the natural sugar I get in fruits. One more thing I wanted to say in case anyone is curious. I have no restrictions on eating. I eat meals at the normal times...I eat again if I am hungry...and I eat whatever fruit or veggie I feel like at that moment. It does seem that I eat the majority of fruit in the morning and then lots of greens and veggies the second half of the day. Not that I won't eat an apple or watermelon as an evening snack...I'm just saying that's mostly how I've been doing it. It's kinda like...whatever I'm attracted to during that part of the day. I have also been eating 2 eggs some mornings when I feel like I am craving them. Also, in the evenings sometimes, I will have some organic blue corn tortilla chips. That's it people. So far so good!

September 7, 2012

roasted red pepper wrap

Ohhhh  my stars in heaven.....this was the best wrap ever!!  
I was "mmmmmm'ing" from the first bite!! It totally  had-me-at-hello!  In fact, it was so good...I'm making it again for dinner tonight. It is simple, simple simple to make!  The most effort you will need to put forth is roasting the red peppers. That's not so bad, right?!

I roasted the peppers in my broiler drawer at the bottom of the oven...I put my broiler setting on high and checked on the peppers every 5 minutes or so. It took them about 15 or so minutes to get charred like this. After they are blackened, place them all in one ziploc bag to let them sweat and then cool. You can then easily peel off the charred skin.

Ok, on to the other ingredients: sliced tomato, sliced onion, romaine lettuce, and hummus.  I was actually going to make the hummus myself...but...I had been to 3 stores in this little county here, and could not find tahini...a key ingredient in hummus. I know where I can get it...but was running short on I grabbed the pre-made hummus from the shelf at Wal Mart...looked at the ingredient list...and was pleasantly surprised.

It's by Cedars and it is the first time I tried this brand. It was only $ bonus! I've always eaten "Sabra" brand hummus and liked it just fine... but now...look out...I am in love with Cedars!

 So basically, you all know how to make a wrap...I used multi grain. I purchased these wraps, but I do want to make them from scratch some time.


So....just lay out your wrap, spread on some awesome garlicky hummus, layer fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes,  cucumbers, a little red onion...and the most importantly....roasted red pepper!! Serious yum factor there! That's all there is to it. My husband loved this! He ate 2!!

My 14 year old son ate one....he ate the whole thing and never complained about all the veggies...he totally rocks....will eat anything now...unlike his little brother....who, had he been home for dinner, would not have touched this meal with a 10 foot pole!  LOL! Anyhow, I really hope you give this wrap a will undoubtedly be happy you did!! Let me know!


 Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

September 6, 2012

Mamma's Back {that's me....Mamma}

I am here!
I've just been a little pre-occupied!
I know I gotta be puttin' some stuff on this here blog
or you guys'll done forget about me!
Sorry for the poor English and grammar!
I'm just funnin' around!
I am planning on writing a post tonight....
right now I've got to run to the fruit market and pick up:
1) red peppers
2) seedless cucumber
3) can of chick peas
4) tahini
5) pitas
Tonight I am making a totally awesome dinner:
roasted red pepper and veggie stuffed pitas with a slathering of freshly made hummus
Does that not sound amaaaaaaazing?!
I've been cooking up a storm here and I have recipes to share with you all.
So, that's kinda the reason for my absence here on my blog....
I'm cooking....
I'm slicing and dicing....
I'm watching youtube recipe videos....
I'm getting inspired....
I'm creating!
Ok, until tonight!

I will leave you with a picture of our chicken, Crystal Gale, crossing our bridge.
Our chickens cross this bridge allllllllll the time! 
It is so cute!
And, sometimes they RUN across the bridge when they see me on the other side with food!

....and a picture of my son crossing our bridge... 

and a picture of my feet crossing our bridge....

all this just after a beautiful rain storm.

You've seen photos of our creek's nothing!
But, when it rains, man it quickly rises!! 
Happy rain storms to ya!