June 27, 2010

Mm Mm! Corn Chowder

We tried a new recipe the other night...Corn Chowder. It was SO delicious! I had the kids help with making the whole thing. My niece is visiting for one month, and I got her involved as well.

We used all fresh ingredients, except for the chopped tomatoes which came from a can. If it was tomato season right now, I would have used fresh!! I don't always take the time to get the kids involved in making dinner, but when I do, I realize how much they really need this. It's great for them to know that real food comes from REAL food. No, it does not come from a box, or a drive thru window. It comes from the earth. One of many things I want to teach my children..how to cook, and how to cook well.

Healthy food is life. Fake food is...well, let's not get all depressing, you know where this is going.

Here's the recipe.
Please give it a try!
You will not regret it!
It tastes so fresh,
and completely summery!

Recipe from: Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Cookbook