January 13, 2012

collecting eggs

We love collecting eggs from our chicken coop. It is so rewarding!

I especially love the colors.
They are so beautiful.
Each egg is unique with it's speckling, spots, shapes and size.

For the most part, the eggs are completely normal. But...on occasion, we find an egg that is oblong and narrow. Sometimes we even find a very tiny egg that's about the size of a large marble. It's so interesting!

I thought I'd show you what's on the inside of these odd shaped eggs...I know you're curious!

Here is the inside of one of the normal shaped and sized eggs.

You are probably wondering if we eat the odd shaped eggs. Well, sometimes we do, but more than not, they tend to get left in the carton and passed over when we are cooking or baking. If I am going to use them, I usually break them open into a small bowl to check them first. If they look like normal, I just go ahead and use them.

I have to say that I have greatly enjoyed being a mamma to these chickens. They are the easiest animals to care for and they are always entertaining.

It's so interesting to watch the pecking order, and who is the bossy one. They fight over food. Once they get their piece of bread or melon (special treat), they take it in their beak and run away to eat by themselves. When we have younger chickens that are ready to be introduced to the flock, they get chased away from the food every time! It's quite sad, but it is what it is. It's the pecking order and it is completely natural. Of course I try to scold the older chickens when they do this...as if they are listening or care one little bit...cause they don't! hahaha!