June 15, 2010

Cherry Freezer Jam

Yesterday, I was feeling kinda blah, so I forced myself to get off my butt and do something! I knew I needed to get my fresh, sour cherries made into jam...and SOON, before they got all mushy and yucky.

The first thing I needed to do was learn how to pit the cherries. On the Internet, I learned a couple of different ways. One, of course, was to cut them open with a knife and pull out the pit with your fingers. OK, that will take forever! The other way, involved using an opened paper clip as a tool...insert it into the top of the cherry next to the stem, swoop in and pull out the pit, stem and all. I had my doubts...but holy cow!! It worked like a charm!!

I was able to pit the cherries in no time!

I don't ever remember tasting freshly made cherry jam before, so I am very excited to try it!

Here is the finished product.

And here is the finished product with some fancy, dancy vintage fabric on top!

I am a sucker for reproduction vintage fabric...
and I am a sucker for jelly jars gussied up with vintage fabric!

UPDATE: I tried the cherry jam on a piece of white bread with butter, and...it was fantastic! I am so glad I gave this recipe a try.