September 7, 2012

roasted red pepper wrap

Ohhhh  my stars in heaven.....this was the best wrap ever!!  
I was "mmmmmm'ing" from the first bite!! It totally  had-me-at-hello!  In fact, it was so good...I'm making it again for dinner tonight. It is simple, simple simple to make!  The most effort you will need to put forth is roasting the red peppers. That's not so bad, right?!

I roasted the peppers in my broiler drawer at the bottom of the oven...I put my broiler setting on high and checked on the peppers every 5 minutes or so. It took them about 15 or so minutes to get charred like this. After they are blackened, place them all in one ziploc bag to let them sweat and then cool. You can then easily peel off the charred skin.

Ok, on to the other ingredients: sliced tomato, sliced onion, romaine lettuce, and hummus.  I was actually going to make the hummus myself...but...I had been to 3 stores in this little county here, and could not find tahini...a key ingredient in hummus. I know where I can get it...but was running short on I grabbed the pre-made hummus from the shelf at Wal Mart...looked at the ingredient list...and was pleasantly surprised.

It's by Cedars and it is the first time I tried this brand. It was only $ bonus! I've always eaten "Sabra" brand hummus and liked it just fine... but now...look out...I am in love with Cedars!

 So basically, you all know how to make a wrap...I used multi grain. I purchased these wraps, but I do want to make them from scratch some time.


So....just lay out your wrap, spread on some awesome garlicky hummus, layer fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes,  cucumbers, a little red onion...and the most importantly....roasted red pepper!! Serious yum factor there! That's all there is to it. My husband loved this! He ate 2!!

My 14 year old son ate one....he ate the whole thing and never complained about all the veggies...he totally rocks....will eat anything now...unlike his little brother....who, had he been home for dinner, would not have touched this meal with a 10 foot pole!  LOL! Anyhow, I really hope you give this wrap a will undoubtedly be happy you did!! Let me know!


 Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!