June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Everest

happy birthday to my son Everest!
12 years old.
had a small party.
hot dogs on the grill.

splashed around in the creek.

dollar store smoke bombs.

kids had so much fun!
it doesn't take a lot of fancy stuff
or lots of money
to have a great time.
it was actually the easiest
and one of the most enjoyable birthday parties
I've had for my kids.


  1. my bday post for my son has not received any comments, i can't bear to see the little "0" next to comments anymore...so Everest, here's a comment...i think you had a pretty cool birthday...the smoke bombs were the highlight of the day...the purple one was so "willy wonka" purple! i loved it!

  2. hey,, Awesome Cake :D is that Resse's cups on the cake?