June 25, 2010

Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Peanut Cake

I realize I just did a post about about making a friend a birthday cake, but...this cake cannot be ignored! It is a peanut butter cup, chocolate peanut butter cake! I thought I was proud of my red velvet cake, but jeez...this thing is gorgeous! (Especially to a chocolate/peanut butter lover like myself) I won't take up a lot of time with words, as this cake needs no words to describe! Just look at it and drool!...and plan to make it very, very soon! I will tell you that the cake itself is chocolate, and the frosting is made of peanut butter, powdered sugar, heavy cream and vanilla. It is positively to die for!! I'll cut to the chase and show you these luscious photos! The recipe and link will follow.

I found this recipe on a wonderful food blog called Annie's Eats. Here is the link for the recipe. annies-eats.com


  1. I don't think that dark chocolate bar would have made it to the point of being an ingredient of a cake around here. - Elaine

  2. P.S. i think i overcooked my cakes. when the timer went off, i checked the middle of the cakes with a thin knife, they seemed ok, but they weren't bouncing back to the touch..the cake did turn out a little dry. next time i will be sure to pull my cakes out at the appropriate time and they should be just fine!