September 13, 2010

Please bear with me! I know not what I do!

Good morning everyone! It's Monday Sept 13.

As I was perusing other blogs this morning, I decided that I needed to spruce up my blog a bit. Well....I did a little playing around and a little freaking out!!! It is now a little after 8 in the morning and I have to get ready for work....BUT I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH MY NEW CHANGES YET! Why oh why did I decided to do this first thing this morning...when I will be so busy all day long! Aaaahhhhh!

Oh well, that's me I guess.

I do love the fall leaves on my blog but now I have to figure out how to get my header picture to fill up the space intended. I need to alter the size of my photo of my header and then reapply it. So anyhow, please bear with me, I know not what I do!!! My blog is like my 3rd child and I am protective of it and oh man......but, I guess it's not the end of the world....just's just a're blogger friends will understand!

So for now, I am off to get child #2 on the bus, take a shower, get ready for work, go to Starbuck's before work to get my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, work a 4 hour shift at Pier 1 Imports, come home, get child #1 off the bus, get child #2 off the bus, change clothes into something a little more fancier, leave children and hubby at home to go to my book club meeting at a very special, fancy shmancy restaurant for "hye tea" at the Hyeholde restaurant....can't wait....will try to take some pics but don't want to use a flash in such a fancy shmancy place...., then back home again, house will be empty because the hubby and kids will be at Boy Scout meeting from 7 to 9, enjoy a little of the fresh evening air, water the garden, welcome kids and hubby back home from meeting, kids to bed, and then finally.......attention to the thought I was going to say attention to the, he will undoubtedly find something manly to watch on tv and I can focus on getting a new header for the blog. Sheez! Is that all?? Ok...I think right now I just need to focus on getting the kid on the bus....and that shower....ohhhhh and that loverly, wonderful pumpkin spice latte waiting for me at Starry Starbuck's!!! Have a great day!

Yours Truly,

The Crazy Lady that decided to make major, earth shattering, design changes to her blog first thing on a Monday morning before getting children on bus and going to work!

That would be me.....Bonnie :^)


  1. Ha ha! Funny girl. You are a busy mom! The latte does sound good. I like what your doing with your blog page so far. Trying to make me look bad. Now you know I have to spruce up too. This is still new to me so I'm struggling a little.

  2. haha I loved this post, you are one busy mama!

  3. I changed the header photo on my blog, and am wanting to add a recipe plug in, but am procrastinating on that one. Every time I've added a plug in, it's always been a nightmare to get it to work. Ugh, why can't blogs be easier to operate with plain English how to's? Good luck on your changes. Love the autumn leaves and the header changes, and the sidebars look good.