October 9, 2010

Blog block and Band

I think I am suffering from blog block or something. I would like to post more, but sometimes I am not quite sure if what I want to write about is interesting enough. I think I am getting a blogging complex! Is that possible?

Just a quick note...my son, my first born baby, played with the band during half time at the homecoming game last night. He is in middle school. Normally I guess the high school band plays at the games...well last night the middle school band got to join them and it was great. My son was very excited and had so much fun. I was so proud of him.

My photos did not turn out well at all. I do not know how to take good pictures in that kind of lighting....so please just bare with me here. As I was searching for him in the sea of band members and looking at the faces of all those kids...all smiling and happy, playing their instruments and calling out cheers, I got a little choked up....choked up in a good way! I was happy for him that he is growing up and now entering one of the most fun and exciting times of his life.


  1. Bonnie, I feel the same way. I love reading your post. Don't worry, just do whatever feels right. I started reading your post because I like what you wrote about. :) By the way that last comment from Carmen again was me. Sorry I keep forgetting to change my settings.

  2. Our middle school also plays pep band (because our schools are so small)! It is sure fun to listen to. Don't forget that this is YOUR blog--you should write about what ever the heck you want to--you'd like it to be a stress-reliever for you, not a stress-provoking problem. I have been enjoying your posts--and we tried your cookies last night--very addictive! I guess because they are so little, I think I can eat handfuls of them! My hips will thank you soon :-)

  3. I get blogger block too sometimes. Very frustrating. I take the camera outside and wander around the house, or go for a drive. I always find something to take pics of and that gets me going again.

  4. I love the candles in your previous post. I once suffered blog block for a year! at my other blog http://artgirlatl.blogspot.com/ where I post mostly my fine art. I completely understand. Now that poor blog is being treated like a step child while I baby my business. poor neglected art blog. oh well. Chin up dear, you're still providing interesting content about real life ;)

  5. I like to read all things you write, but I know what you mean when you are writing it, you wonder is this interesting enough? I do the same thing. If you can change the ISO setting on your camera up to a higher number your pictures would turn out brighter, but not all cameras let you change that setting.