November 6, 2010

Crafting the Mayflower

I found a great Thanksgiving craft on a blog that I follow called katydid and kid It's these charming little Mayflower boats made from a paper grocery bag. Here's our version of her paper Mayflower boats.

(my son's friend on son on the right)

When I saw this craft, I instantly fell in love. I knew right away I was going to have my kids make them for our Thanksgiving decorations.

These boats were easy to make and so adorable!

Even if you don't have any youngsters at home, this would still be fun to make by yourself. I couldn't resist making one myself! I love paper projects because they are economical and usually made from recycled materials....there's just something so earthy and raw about it. I'll be putting these on display along with my other Thanksgiving decor. Just click here, katydid and kid.  to get to her blog for this wonderful craft tutorial.


  1. Super idea for my little kids at school! Wow how cute! The photo of your son looking behind his mast is absolutily adorable. What a shot! I can't stop looking at thoes eyes! You should enter that in a contest! Love love love it!

  2. Very cute little boats. .and little guys!! There's just something really fun about the upcoming holidays!! Aside from gift giving and getting, that is!! We may have to try them out!

  3. Very fun... I love crafts that use common items around the house!

  4. Oh wow! You can't imagine how my heart swells right now. I love seeing kids making art, and how touching that they made these boats based on mine! The boys look so proud, and they did a beautiful job.

    Thanks so much for sharing the photos Bonnie!