December 15, 2010

I'm still here

Wow, I haven't posted for a while...but I am off work for the next four days and I will be working on a new post. Yay!! It's been way too long and I miss all of you!

Right now I am drinking a peppermint white chocolate mocha and waiting for the roast to come out of my oven. It smells like heaven in my house right now!

It's a frosty 10 degrees outside and tonight I am planning on curling up with a blanket and a fire in the fireplace and watch the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" starring Julia Roberts. I can't wait! I really want to watch this movie, but I have a feeling it's going to make me want to travel...really bad! And that would be great if my kids were grown and I had about $10,000 laying around....until then, I will have to settle for living vicariously through watching movies!


  1. Hello! Ooooh Starbucks and soppy films- perfect for a chilly day x

  2. So glad you're back. .was wondering where you had been. .and hoping all was well!

  3. to anyone who reads's me, Bonnie. Yesterday flew by and my son had a band concert last night. Today I am taking my friend to an outpatient emergency facility...she thinks she may have broken her wrist or hand...she has a 2 year old boy, so I'll be helping her out...and then grocery haven't even made a post yet...however..I do plan to work on one this evening! have a great day! :)

  4. I really want to see that movie too.