February 4, 2011

February Rain and Tissue Paper Flowers

A rainy Saturday afternoon.
Wet heavy snow fills the yard.
The air is cold and damp.
Water soaked branches are black against the sky.
Tip tap, tip tap...rain falls on my parka.
Icy cold hands.
Where are my mittens?
Tis February again.

*poem written by me, Bonnie*

The weather and photo I took today inspired the poem I just wrote. I'm feeling quite nostalgic and lovey today. The dripping drops have not got me down. Instead, I was photographing in the rain.

Once inside, I made one of my very favorite crafts; tissue paper flowers.

This craft is timeless...I've been making these since I was a little girl. What a great decoration for Valentines Day...giant puffy fluffy pink tissue flowers. I love these flowers, they always bring a smile to my face and they're very easy to make!

So what would one DO, with a soft puffy fluffy tissue flower?
Well, you can use them as centerpieces for a baby shower or bridal shower.
You could also decorate with these flowers for any holiday...most definitely Valentine's day!

I hung my pink paper flower on my front door. I think it looks very quaint!

Here's a visual, step by step tutorial.

measure and cut a 12 x 12 square cutting through all layers of paper. You can make any size flower you want by cutting smaller squares.

make accordian folds, back and forth, back and forth, the whole way through the square.

All of the layers are so beautiful and fluffy!

Pink or red tissue, you could make garland or put two together to make a pom pom. Make smaller ones and glue them on handmade napkin rings for a Valentine tea party. Decorate a heart shaped box filled with chocolate. I better stop before I get carried away...

...carried away on a big pink fluffy puffy flower!

Stay tuned: up next, stained glass heart shaped cookies....oh so yummy!


  1. Love the poem...and the handmade flowers! I will try this with my kids. I love photofraphy too, stop by my blog.
    Love yours...will follow!

  2. Hey girl! What a lovely poem. You are so creative. Oh my gosh I remember making those flowers when I was younger, years ago. They are timeless. Your kids probably think your the best ever.

  3. Your's are HUGE!! The possiblities for using them certainly seen endless don't they!!

  4. I used to make these when I was a kid too. Thanks for the memories. And you look fabulous with that one against your hair. The complete ensemble winter coat and all makes you ready for the runway. Thanks Bonnie, you're a gem.

  5. I love those, and have memories of a local fair we went to yearly when I was a kid where they sold giant ones on sticks. They really are magical!

  6. Kathleen, that's so funny you said that...because I was going to mention that as well in my post! When I was a kid they used to sell them at Kennywood Amusement Park in Pittsburgh. Boy, did I admire those! They were probably double the size of the one I made and they were probably on dial rods. I would see girls walking around the park with those and I always wanted one so bad, but didn't want to spend my money on anything but ride tickets and cotton candy!

  7. Wow, I never even learned to draw stars or proper hearts, perhaps thats why I visit my inner childhood often. ha ha

  8. Made some of the flowers...the kids had a great time!

  9. I love these... I have bought tissue in the past with the intent of flower making, but for some reason have never done it! I have also wanted to try my hand at crepe paper flowers... if I can get a little picked up around here you have inspired me to try them:) And, it was great to see photos of you too!