March 2, 2011

busy, busy, busy!

Oh my goodness...I was supposed to have my wheat bread recipe up last weekend. I am working on the post...there were more photos and details than I anticipated! It's almost done. I just wanted to pop in and let you all know I'm still here. My weekend flew flat lined life is now over..hahahaha!

I started watching my 2 month old nephew on Monday.

He is the most adorable little munchkin ever! If he's awake, he wants to be held! I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Today I have to run some errands, go grocery shopping and I am having lunch with my mother in law. This is my day off from watching the baby. I've gotta squeeze everything in before my kids get off the I gotta go.

I have a meeting at my son's school tonight to plan for a 3rd grade Mardi Gras party for the children. They will be learning about the history and traditions of New once I get done with that...I plan to work on my post for wheat bread.

I'm glad I'm busy again...geez I don't even have time to watch Golden Girls! And..I missed American Idol last night. Me, my son and my mother in law went to the mall...Grandma wanted to buy her grandson 3 pair of new jeans for school and then she treated us to a large pepperoni pizza at the food court...which I might add, is the best pizza around! (But I am not complaining about missing Golden Girls or American Idol!)

Okay, bye for now!

P.S. All the snow has completely melted! We had a solid day of rain and slightly warmer temperatures that washed it all away! Time for spring. We should see daffodils shoots in a couple of weeks!


  1. Awwww ...your nephew is soooooo cute. I'll bet you just hug him all day and kiss his dimples. Glad your life is back up and running. Looking forward to the wheat bread post.
    Take care Bonnie,

  2. What a cutie! I know you're having fun with him. It always happens that our down times don't last all that long. Enjoy the rest of the week. Looking forward to the bread post too.

  3. He is soo cute! I'm glad you are back into your grove again.