June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to my Dad!

Yes, he is my biological Dad, despite the difference in our skin tones!

My Mom is very white and burns easily, and that is who I took after.

I just love this photo we took comparing our arms!!

Too funny!

Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that I have the world's best Dad.

For real.

I'm not joking.

Apparently there are T shirts and coffee mugs that you can buy for Dad's at the
store that say "World's Best Dad"....

but I am confused...

Didn't they know???

my Dad won that title!

What's up with that?

Remember the Seinfeld episode about the #1 Dad t-shirt that Jerry gave to his father? I always loved that one! Here's the clip! Enjoy!


  1. The roller skating king himself! Happy fathers' day xx

  2. Ha, great comparison! My dad's skin was very dark, too, and we think it has to do with some Native American blood back in the geneology. He used to get ridiculously dark for a white guy in the Summer! My skin is much lighter but has an olive tone that I've always appreciated. ;)

  3. Great photos of your father and a nice tribute.

  4. yep - lovely tribute!
    It's bizzare how genes work - Cleggy and I are both paler than pale and sons #1 and #2 are exactly the same. Son #3 on the otherhand - positively olive! Am sure people have doubted his parentage!
    My mums line has much darker skin - gutted that I didn't get any of that!
    happy week
    fee x

  5. The difference in skin tone is too funny! Hope he had a great father's day! Love the picture of you both together, cherish that one!

  6. Your dad must be outside a lot. I don't get very dark either. Your so lucky to have him.